My year abroad in Italy | Unseen photo diary

It was one year ago today, on the 23rd of August 2017 that I started my crazy year abroad experience. I feel like the best way to commemorate this anniversary is with a photo diary of “unseen” pictures and Polaroids.

Now, as someone who posts a shameful amount on social media, finding completely unseen pictures was harder than I thought it would be. There’s a high chance that some of these have popped up in a Facebook album or a story, but bascially they’ve never actully been posted on the gram’.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

PS: there’s many a reference to my Insta theme on here, which I try so very hard to maintain so if you want to see what it currently looks like, come back after reading this and click here.

Unseen pictures from: AUGUST

Unseen picture in front of Italian apartment

My mum and brother moved me over to Italy on the 23rd of Aug. They very kindly came with me so I could familiarise myself with Turin. So here we are standing in front of my apartment building that I didn’t have the keys for yet.

Unseen picture in front of my apartment building

I call this one, “when ya mum forces you to take a picture.”

Unseen pictures from: SEPTEMBER

Unseen pictures of first night out during Erasmus in Italy.

This was the first night out that we ever did as an Erasmus group. Here we had just finished eating an Aperitivo and were all just getting to know each other.

Unseen pictures in Monte Carlo

This picture is a more “Behind the Instagram” type picture. Here, my friend Laurence was taking my picture in Monte Carlo. We all didn’t really know if we were allowed to take pictures in this area as there was a small gate to get through and nobody else was taking their pictures here. But in all honesty, it offered the best view. If you want to see the outcome, click here.

Unseen Polaroids from September

(L-R first row) 1st and 2nd is the first night out as an Erasmus group, I was SO nervous to take these pics as I didn’t know anybody yet, but I knew I’d want them for the mems. 3rd is Monte-Carlo. 4th is a very rainy day in Cannes. 5th is the promenade in Nice. (L-R second row) 6th is the harbour in St-Tropez. 7th is Chanel store in St-Tropez. 8th is the river Adige in Verona. 9th is Lake Garda. 10th is on a gondola ride in Venice. (L-R third row) 11th is when Richard visited the first time. 12th is an Erasmus group pic in Levanto. 13 to 15 are places in Cinque Terre.

Unseen pictures from: OCTOBER

Unseen night out pictures in Turin

One of the very many nights out during the first semester. This is when I decided that comfort is key and fashioned my pyjama shirt into a going out top. It’s called FASHUN, darling.

Unseen picture in Valentino Park, Turin

Now there is a very similar looking picture on my Instagram but here’s the one that didn’t make the cut. I was so desperate for it to feel like Autumn so I put a jumper on that lasted all of 5 minutes because it was still too hot.

Unseen Polaroids from October

Apparently, October was a pretty slow month, so here I have just two pictures taken in Novara.

Unseen pictures from: NOVEMBER

Unseen picture of me and my boyfriend in Milan.

This is a picture of me and Richard during our 2-year anniversary trip to Milan. This trip definitely up there with my most favourite trips of my entire year abroad.

Unseen picture in Venaria Reale

This one was taken in the long chequered corridor of La Reggia di la Venaria Reale. This is a palace where the Royal Savoy family used to live. The simple reason as to why this never got upload anywhere is because it didn’t fit in with my theme at the time. However, now it would, #tbt?

Unseen Polaroid pictures from November

(L-R first row) 1st is in the corridor of Venaria Reale. 2nd and 3rd are when my BFFs visited Turin. 4th is when Richard and I went to Milan. (L-R second row) 5th is a view of Turin from Monte dei Cappuccini. 6th and 7th are from a day visit to Genoa. 8th is the sun setting of the face of the Duomo di Firenze. (L-R third row) 9th is a sculpture in Piazza della Signora in Florence. 10th is the Ponte Vecchio. 11 and 12 are the leaning tower of Pisa.

Unseen pictures from: DECEMBER

Unseen pictures in Turin

This is a picture of me and my friend Elin, in a pub called Jumping Jester, which you can read about here. It was taken on the very last night out as an Erasmus group. Can’t lie, it was quite an emotional night, we (ok, I) got a bit too drunk on wine and spent all of the goodbyes to people, crying my eyes out. Fun times.

Unseen pictures in Turin

So it’s December so naturally, I was feeling the Christmas spirit. I mean I did just come from a Christmas party so it wasn’t like I was just wearing this stupid thing on my head for the sole reason that it was December. I’m not that weird.

Unseen Polaroid pictures from December

(L-R first row) 1st to 3rd, let’s just say I got a bit excited about the first snow day in Turin. (L-R second row) 4th is with my Swedish fam on our last night. 5th and 6th are on Boxing Day with Richard (and the dog). (L-R third row) 7th and 8th is on NYE with Richard’s fam.

Unseen pictures from: JANUARY

Unseen pictures of New Years Eve

Now how does one bring in the New Year? With a flatlay. Yes ladies and gents, I started off the New Year in true Hayley form. Again one that never made the Gram’ because of my theme but it’s still a decent drunkenly made flatlay.

Unseen pictures in Turin

I was going through my pictures of January and I didn’t really have that many to begin with, let alone unseen ones. This is actually from a screenshot for my One Second A Day video, where I forced everybody to pretend they were having a really good time for a second. Soz guys.

Unseen pictures from: FEBRUARY

Unseen picture from Paris

This was taken in Paris from the balcony of the Airbnb that Richard and I were staying at for my 21st birthday. The place we were staying at was so beautiful, right next to the Notre Dame and we had views of all these Parisien rooftops. 5/5 stars from me.

Unseen picture from Milan

This was a picture taken in Milan during Fashion week (you can read about that experience here). It was a lovely day as it was the first trip that I went on with the people from the second semester.

Unseen Polaroid pictures from February

1st is from the balcony of our Airbnb in Paris, with a view of Parisian rooftops. 2nd is of the Notre Dame right around the corner. 3rd is the Galleria Vittorio Emmnuele II in Milan, such good exposure there.

Unseen pictures from: MARCH

Unseen picture in Sorrento.

Oh, how the sunglasses hide my hanger. We found this cute little restaurant in Sorrento where we ate THE BEST pizza and Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Unseen picture in the Gucci museum in Florence

The Gucci museum was a wild ride. There were times that you just didn’t know where to look as there was just so much going on. I’d definitely recommend going. It was the perfect thing to do to seek shelter from the rain. A bonus was the fact it was free for students.

Unseen Polaroid pictures from March

(L-R first row) 1st is in Sorrento with Devan. 2nd is in Amalfi. 3rd is in Revello. (L-R second row) 4th is the famous view of Positano. 5th is of the Ruins of Pompeii. 6th is on top of Mount Vesuvius. (L-R third row) 7th is a view above Bologna from Le Due Torre. 8th is the Duomo di Firenze yet again. 9th is a statue in front of the Gucci Museum.

Unseen pictures from: APRIL

Unseen pictures from April

When Izzie arrived I took her to the best Gluten Free restaurant Turin had to offer. In the past, I’ve never been a huge risotto fan, but this one definitely changed my mind. They quite literally have every flavour of risotto under the sun.

Unseen picture from April

Despite the fact it was literally eating up all of Izzie’s storage, she did have a fair few great live pictures. This is one of them, mid-twirl down Via Rome in Turin. Yet another one that tradgicaly didn’t make it due to my theme.

Unseen Polaroids from April

(L-R first row) 1st is in Lake Como on a trip with my mum. 2nd is when Richard came to surprise me in Turin. 3rd is of Castello del Valentino in Turin. (L-R second row) 4th is me and Izzie in Milan. 5th is Izzie in front of the Duomo di Milano.

Unseen pictures from: MAY

Unseen picture from May

Now I know that there’s nothing truly fascinating about this picture but I just really liked the colours. This is a “view” (aka people watching heaven) from the balcony in my apartment. Whenever I sat out here, I always felt like one of the characters in the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window.

Unseen picture from May

This picture was taken during a wine festival in Alba, which was SUCH a good day but the weather wasn’t all that. In my 9 months of living in the wine country of Italy, not once did I go to a vineyard, absolutely shocking. This was a sort of “I finally made it to a vineyard” pic. I mean, there were vineyards all around the city of Alba, and I so would’ve gone but the weather was just a bit meh.

Unseen Polaroid pictures from May

(L-R first row) 1st is at the wine festival in Alba. 2nd is under the umbrellas in Genoa. 3rd is a view from where I ate lunch in Aosta. (L-R second row) 4th is a view from my friend’s apartment in Danderyd, Stockholm. 5th is one of the best viewpoints in Södermalm, Stockholm.


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