What I did in London | Carnaby and Camden

Even though London isn’t far away from me, I never find myself going there without a reason. Recently, I went into the big smoke to meet up with my friends Gemma and Sophia. As we live opposite sides of the M25, we decided to meet in London, as it was the most convenient for all.

After meeting in Liverpool street station, we hopped on the Central Line and we made our way to Piccadilly Circus. Having recently seen this tweet where it said tube services won’t have aircon until 2030 and given that it was 32 degrees that day, it wasn’t the most pleasant of journies.

Anyway, when we finally arrived at Piccadilly, we had a quick walk around Whole Foods, then made our way into Carnaby.



First stop in Carnaby: Kingly Court.

Kingly Court in Carnaby

I’d never been to Kingly Court prior to this day and I have to say, I will definitely be coming back. It’s a trendy mini courtyard and spread over 3 floors are different types of international restaurants, coffee shops and bars. The amount of choice that you have here is overwhelming. As it wasn’t quite lunchtime, but we were due a refresher, we went into a juice bar called Acai Berry. And cos’ we’re so on trend and into our superfoods (jk, I literally just had to google what that was), we got a pressed juice each.

Acai berry in Carnaby

Acai berry in Carnaby

From L to R: Cool Down / Freshen Up / Hell Yeah

With our juices in hand, we were ready to face the ever so touristy Carnaby Street. We all know and love Carnaby Street. It’s one you can just walk down and admire all of the prettiness of the buildings and the street performers.

Carnaby street

Broadwick Street

Second stop: Liberty

From Carnaby Street, we found ourselves in Liberty. My gosh, do I love this place. So many colours, so many patterns. We went in with the intention of buying a pop socket and then suddenly stumbled into the stationary section. If you know me, you know that all things office supplies and stationary are my kryptonite. I find it extremely difficult to pull myself away from the things that I want but don’t actually need. However, I made it out of Liberty with a minimal amount of damage done. I still don’t have the thing I went in for so hit a girl up if you know where to buy cute pop sockets.

Liberty in Carnaby

After a quick stop in Soho for some lunch in Cote Brasserie, where I had a delicious steak frites, it was time to head to our next destination, Camden.


Most commonly known for its market, Camden is another tourist hotspot. For me, this was the first time that I’d ever really spent time in Camden. I’d visited before briefly but never truly went in to witness it in all its glory.

From Carnaby to Camden

First, we walked down the high street. I found myself staring at all the wacky storefronts and loved how expressive they are in their own way. In a way, Camden is slightly like Brighton’s eccentric sister, so I felt at ease there.

At the end of the high street, we found ourselves under the famous Camden Lock bridge and turned left to go into the market.

Entering: Camden Market.

We were greeted into the market by an overwhelming smell of fresh fruit (there are definitely worst things to smell). We walked from the food area, into the clothes area, into the “all things colour” area, into the vintage area and back round to another food area.

Full on stalker mode to get a pic of Soph (L) and Gem (R)

After we had wrapped up our time in Camden, we walked alongside the river to eventually end up in Regent’s Park. By this point, it was peak heat temperatures so we went into the coffee shop in the middle of the park to get something to cool us down.

After a good old chin wag, it was time to catch our train home. We walked out of Regents Park and stumbled onto a Warner Brothers movie set. I still don’t know what that movie was but would be interesting to find out. Yo Warner Bros, let me know if you need a stand-in.

That pretty much rounds up my day in London and therefore this blog post. I’m thinking of making this into a sort of series whenever I go somewhere somewhat interesting so I hope you liked it. Speak to you next time.



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