The best pizzerias in Turin

It’s strange to think that just a few short years ago I really didn’t like pizzas. Today they’re pretty much my main food source. So for those who are in Turin or simply want to know, here is a small list of some of my favourite pizzerias in San Salvario (aka Downtown), Turin.

1) Napples – Via Sant’Anselmo, 36, 10125 Torino TO

This was the first pizzeria that I was introduced to and have been going back ever since. The pizzas are thin slices of heavenly goodness. What I love about these pizzas is the dough, they’re almost buttery (could sound weird but it totally works). What I also like is the aesthetic. This pizzeria has a grey and black theme. You can also see as soon as you enter, the huge pizza oven with the pizzaiolos in front of it rolling out the dough and placing toppings on the pizzas people will eventually devour.

The pizzas I usually get here are: Margherita, Pesto Pizza or Pizza alla Salsiccia

– Quality of food: 5/5         – Lighting: 4/5

– Aesthetic: 5/5                   – Interaction with staff: 4/5

Pizza alla Salsiccia in Napples

2) Bottega Baretti – Via Sant’Anselmo, 28, 10125 Torino TO

This one is a recent discovery of mine but I’ve already been there a couple of times. This Bottega is right down the street from Napples. You can definitely say that this place has got it’s mood lighting down to a tee. This pizzeria wants to give off the impression that it predominantly lit by candlelight, giving off a nce evening chill vibe. This pizzerias theme is again grey and black but it also has a lot of exposed brick which I absolutely adore.

The pizza I’ve gotten here on both occasions is the Burrata pizza. It’s simply a tomato base but with a big ball of Burrata in the middle. It looks really tidy up until you cut it open or as I like to say “release the mother egg” and all the cheese from inside the ball cascades on to the delicious pizza.

– Quality of food: 4.5/5         – Lighting: 5/5

– Aesthetic: 5/5                      – Interaction with staff: 3.5/5

Burrata pizza in Bottega Baretti

3) Pizzeche ‘e Vase – Via S. Pio V, 7d, 10125 Torino TO

This pizzeria was a recent recommendation and I’m so glad that I know about this place. This pizzerias aesthetic is white and blue, a sort of seaside vibe. However, as it was all white and therefore bright, the mood lighting that I generally crave isn’t really there.

When I was there I got a Sorrento, which is just essentially a Margherita but better. There’s something in the sauce that even when you feel like you’re full, it still leaves you wanting more. Another thing is that the owner gave us a free Lemoncello. Now, this is a common thing for a lot of pizzerias to do, but as I was eating more regularly in the first two pizzerias mentioned, it was nice to finally receive a free Lemoncello. It’s the small things guys.

– Quality of food: 4.5/5         – Lighting: 3/5

– Aesthetic: 3.5/5                   – Interaction with staff: 5/5

Sorrento pizza

Bonus pizzerias:

As I’m not sure if I’ll ever be writing about pizzerias again on here, I thought I’d add some bonus ones from different cities that are really worth a mention.


1) Piz – Via Torino, 34, 20123 Milano MI

This pizzeria can get packed very quickly as it’s relatively small. What we therefore decided to do was get there for as soon as it opened. Upon entry, we were greeted by the entire staff, Mexican music, free paninis and free prosecco (we were off to a good start). The menu is really small, so small I believe there are only 3 pizzas on there. I got the Margherita (obvs), which was delicious. What I really enjoyed about this place was really just how lovely the staff were, and all the free stuff (lol).

– Quality of food: 3.5/5         – Lighting: 4/5

– Aesthetic: 4/5                      – Interaction with staff: 5/5


2) Spontini – Via Santa Radegonda, 11, 20121 Milano MI

This place is more of a fast food pizza place. My mum and I got one at Milano Centrale train station in between two trains. I’d heard great things but wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me. Oh. But. It. Was. These were thick (like HUGE) slices of pizza where the base of it was, I want to say, fried? It was delicious, it was hot and I want to go back just for this pizza again.

– Quality of food: 4/5         – Lighting: 4/5

– Aesthetic: 3.5/5                – Interaction with staff: 3/5


1) Gusta Pizza – Via Maggio, 46/r, 50125 Firenze FI

After seeing this heart-shaped pizza on Instagram before even moving to Italy, I knew I had to go just to go. This pizzeria is essentially a double whammy. I managed to get an Instagram and thoroughly enjoy my pizza, all at the same time. The pizzas here unlike the ones previously mentioned as they are relatively thick. Almost like Neapolitan pizzas. Again the menu is small, I believe there are somewhere around 8 options but they’re all cracking ones. This place can get really popular with tourists, so don’t expect to be hearing a lot of Italian whilst you’re there.

Tip: ask for the heart-shape pizza otherwise you won’t get it.

– Quality of food: 4.5/5         – Lighting: 3/5

– Aesthetic: 2.5/5                   – Interaction with staff: 4/5

Hear Shaped Pizza in Gusta Pizza


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