My 5 step guide creating a scrapbook

For the longest time whenever someone would ask me “Hayley, what’s your hobby?” I would freeze. So after 21 years of soul searching, I think I’ve settled on an answer. Well my friends, my hobby is … “memory collecting”. U wot?

It dawned on me that the things I enjoy the most are all things creative and personal to me. Currently, I have 5 tangible ways I “collect memories”, one being the scrapbook you clicked on to read about and 3 intangible ways, one being this blog that I hope you click on all the time 😉

The scrapbook was a gift I received at my leaving party. It’s personalised, and if you know me, you know I love anything personalised. To get a scrapbook mine or anything else personalised, Not On The High Street is great for that.

Throughout the year, I have made my scrapbook into an accumulation of drawings, quotes, description of events and random ideas that have fermented in my mind during my time here in Italy. However, the main parts of this scrapbook are always the pictures I take on my Polaroid as I never go on a trip without it.

Step 1: Layout

First things first (I’m the realest), I lay out where I want to place my polaroids and other things that I may have collected on my travels, for example for this page I put my bus ticket to around the Amalfi Coast.

Step 2: Main titles

After placing all of my tangible items, I start with the big text. This is a trial and error process for different styles of writing and different sizes for things. A lot of the time as well for my main titles I’ll use stamps which you can get easily from Tiger.

For these pages what I decided to do was have the main title be  “tour of the Amalfi coast” and added different headings next to my Polaroids with all the different places that I went to.

Step 3: Making it permanent

Once I’m happy with the writing in pencil, I’ll go over it in pen. The pens that I generally use are Stabilo Point 88, a 0.6mm Sign Pen, a 0.38mm Muji pen and a black Sharpie to write on the Polaroids. To make the page more fun, just around the writing I’ll add small doodles.

Step 4: More drawings

If I have enough room on the page I’ll add another drawing, such as a monument or like for example here I attempted to draw the houses in the cliffs in Positano. Bit of a fail but hey, it adds more colour to the page.

Step 5: Finalising

The final part is to add the writing. For this, I’ll either add a quote that I would’ve found somewhere or I’ll write down some of the highlights of the journey. For these pages, I decided to add two quotes that followed similar lines.

Other pages from my scrapbook:

Whilst I’m here, I thought I might as well show you a few more pages.

So in the beginning of this scrapbook I very much liked the idea of having the entire pages completely full. Nowadays, I like to leave more gaps so they look a lot less in your face. For this Erasmus trip to Cinque Terre, instead of quotes, I wrote a bit more of a description of some of the things we did. If you want, you can read here about Cinque Terre and my opinions on it.

For Venice, I decided to recreate a photo that was taken of me in a Gondola. I realise now that I probably went a bit to town with the roses, and if I could do it again, I’d do things a bit differently.

This day out to Novara was a bit of a failure as the town was absolutely dead and I had a lot of time to kill. However, it was my first solo trip and felt very empowered for doing it so I added this quote from Lang Lev that really resonated with me.

This one I did after my BFFs came to visit me in Turin during the first semester. I added 2 quotes for this page as I felt both were necessary to add.

On some pages of my scrapbook, I have little quotes scattered around in Italian as I’m learning Italian in tandem with my English speaking business classes.

This one was from when I flew back to England for Christmas. For the first page I added the opening quote from Love Actually.  The second page is from a very fun New Years spent with Richard’s family.

For the second time going to Florence, I added just a small description, this being on the Iris of Florence. It’s always interesting to know what city’s symbols are. For example, in Turin it’s a bull and Rome, well Rome it’s just a bit weird.

Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang. For this page, I added the ticket for the Gucci Museum in Florence. I didn’t want to go overboard for this page. All I did was simply drawing 2 of Gucci’s designs, which were on the walls of the museum.



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