The 4 Squares you Must Visit in Turin

1) Piazza Castello:

This is definitely one of the most interesting ones and where the most people will gather. It is right in the middle of the city centre. It is linked to the major streets of Turin such as Via Roma, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi and Via Po.

This square features 2 major architectural buildings, firstly the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) and then Turin’s theatre (Teatro Regio).

This Palace is known for being the first residence of the Savoy’s in the region of Piedmont. You can walk through and into the Royal Gardens where you can sit by the large fountain in the middle.

The theatre is recognizable due to the fact that has two very different sides. This is because in 1936, a fire destroyed most of it. On one side, the building looks a lot grander compared to the other side which looks a bit more medieval.

Piazza Castello  Back of Piazza Castello

2) Piazza Carlo Alberto:

This is definitely a piazza that is “up there” for me because when I discovered it on my second day in Turin. It felt like I had stepped back in time in some sort of movie magic moment. Let me set the scene, I was walking through a beautiful galleria, where Turin’s infamous Cinema Romano is located. I opened the double glass doors at the end of this walkway not really expecting much. Much to my surprise, an accordion starts playing from what seemed to be out of nowhere. We walk onto this surprisingly big piazza which features the most beautiful library, a fountain and lots of quaint coffee shops.

I also make people who come visit me walk through the galleria onto the piazza, even though there are other ways onto it. I always do it in the hope the same thing will happen to them. The main street that is near to this piazza is Via Roma and Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange.

Piazza Carlo Alberto

3) Piazza Vittorio Veneto:

Now even though this might not be the most interesting Piazza in terms of things to do, you have to go there just to see its architectural mirroring of the buildings. This Piazza is the biggest one that the city has to offer. At the end of it, you can see the River Po, which on the other side features, Gran Madre di Dio (building on the left of the picture) Monte Dei Cappuccini (building on the right) and Basilica di Superga.

In the summer this piazza is really lovely to sit out and have dinner on because of the views it offers. One of my favourite restaurants is Da Michele. The Cesar salads are so delicious and they serve pizzas that are smaller and thicker than the ones you’d usually find in other restaurants.

This piazza is also good for its nightlife. It definitely does come to life at night due to the number of bars it has such as The Lab and La Drogheria. Additionally, there is a club that is on the riverfront called The Beach. It’s a relatively big club and has good music so it makes for a nice night out.

River Po in Turin  Piazza Vittorio Veneto

4) Piazza San Carlo:

This piazza is the one that is smack bang in the middle of Via Roma. During the week it is surprisingly empty but on the weekends, you could quite easily spend the afternoon there because of everything that goes on. Generally, on the weekends all the locals will come out. A lot of them will bring their musical instruments, set up an area and play until the light goes down. You can get a real feel of “the Italian dream” by sitting down in the Lavanzza coffee shop. This is where this particular brand of coffee started and just watch everything that is going on around you. Fun fact: In front of the Lavanzza shop there’s a golden bull on the floor, and if you walk over the balls of the bull, it supposedly brings you good luck.

Walking into it, you will walk through 2 churches, the one on the left was known as the “rich” people church and the one on the right was the “poor” people’s church. On this piazza, there are a few shops, mostly designer shops like Prada.

Piazza San Carlo  Toret di Torino



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