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The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Turin (with Wi-Fi)

I live somewhat differently here in Italy compared to most, that meaning, I am a millennial during the age of technology and I live without Wi-Fi in my home. The sacrilege! Or as I like to call it “the Viva…


The one where I went to the French Riviera

The first and most last minute / spontaneous trip I did during my first semester in Italy was to the French Riviera with my Swedish friends Elin, Lovisa and Ida and my Canadian friend Laurence. Most of that weekend was…


21 things that I have learnt in 21 years

I’ve recently turned 21 (congrats to me on making it this far) and whilst I’m aware that some people who may be reading this might be older than me and possibly thinking “she doesn’t even know the half of it”,…


The 4 Squares you Must Visit in Turin

1) Piazza Castello: This is definitely one of the most interesting ones and where the most people will gather. It is right in the middle of the city centre. It is linked to the major streets of Turin such as…